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5782 Membership Drive & HIGH HOLIDAY Seating

September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022

Join us! Single and Family memberships are available.


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No question, the past year has been difficult for everyone but, B"H, we got through it and our shul has been a rock throughout — never shutting down; a constant safe haven for learning and davening. 

Because of the difficulties that many have endured over the past year, we are trying something new by offering "recommended" fees, which are the same as last year: 

Family (includes 2 seats) $1,600.00 
Single (includes 1 seat) $950.00 USD
Family Associate (does not include seats) $1,100.00 USD
Single Associate (does not include seats) $775.00 USD

Full Payment

Installment Plan

Buy Additional High Holiday Seats

Adult Seats (21 & Older) @ $225.00 each

Child Seats @ $175 each

Non-Member Adult Seats @ $400.00

Non-Member Child Seats @ $200.00


To purchase additional seats, click the donate button, add up the total and fill in the dollar amount, tell us which seats you need in the comment box.

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